A New Wedding Season

The Beaufort Inn is here for you to help navigate your micro-wedding, sequel wedding, shift wedding, and more during this time!

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A New Wedding Season

Our hearts go out to all the bride’s who are now planning a more nontraditional wedding due to COVID-19. With all of the uncertainty circling around, we understand it’s hard to make definitive plans.  However, we want you to know that we are here for you!

We continue to be inspired by all the creative ways weddings are being celebrated around the world! We are open for venue bookings, whether you’re interested in a traditional or nontraditional wedding at this time!

Please note however, there are some New Guidelines we are following to ensure everyone’s safety.

Skip the large and grandiose wedding and go for an intimate and charming affair with your closest friends and family.​

Perhaps during COVID you kept your original wedding date and had a minimony with you and your significant other. Now you’re looking for the perfect location to host the celebration with your friends and family! Say no more- The Beaufort Inn has indoor and outdoor venues for your to choose from for your “Sequel Wedding”.​

We are working with several brides to accommodate different styles and preferences. We think the “Shift Wedding” is such a fun and unique idea! Choose to have different groups of people attend your big day at different times and enjoy several “mini-celebrations”.​

The Beaufort Inn is the best location for your wedding!